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Preventative Equine Health Care

A comprehensive preventive health care program is vital to ensuring that you and your horse enjoy many years together and that he performs to his greatest potential. Wellness exams, vaccination and deworming programs, nutritional counseling and regular dental exams are the foundations of our preventive health care program from our equine vets.

  • Annual or semi-annual wellness exams can help to identify potential problems before your horse starts to show signs that something is wrong.

  • Vaccination and deworming protocols are tailored to each individual patient depending on age, lifestyle and husbandry practices.

  • Nutrition plays a significant role in many of the common diseases facing our clients and patients. Optimizing your horse’s nutrition will help to optimize his health.

  • Dental exams and prophylaxis (floating) are generally done annually or semi-annually. These services are vital for health maintenance and may identify problems before they are apparent externally. OSEA veterinarians use both manual and motorized dental equipment as needed. Short-term sedatives are used to ensure safe and comfortable dental care.