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Equine Dentistry

equine dentistry horse smilingOcean State Equine Associates is pleased to provide the most modern approach to equine dentistry. We believe that dental care is a very important part of your horse's overall health and performance program.

Our veterinarians and equine dentists use power assisted dentistry and sedation to safely and comfortably perform maintenance care, equine tooth extraction, and correct or improve many dental abnormalities. We use Powerfloating, as the circular motion of the Powerfloat® is more gentle and efficient than the back and forth motion of traditional hand floats. Digital radiology is also available for advanced imaging when necessary.

Most horse owners become concerned about their horse's teeth only when the horse is exhibiting difficulty chewing or experiencing weight loss or biting problems. Many potentially serious problems can be avoided by a routine dental examination and mild corrective measures before they become a problem. We recommend an annual dental examination for all horses in order to recognize potential dental problems at an early stage.

We offer equine dentistry to patients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and nearby Connecticut. Please call the office at (401) 766-6578 for further questions or to make an appointment.