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CEM Quarantine

CEM quarantine equineWe offer Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) quarantine services for horses imported or returning from competitions in Europe. CEM is a venereal disease of horses caused by bacteria and spread through breeding. Ultimately, CEM results in mare infertility. Stallions can carry the bacteria but do not show clinical signs.

Federal law requires that all breeding horses over the age of two traveling to the United States from countries known to have the disease must go to an accredited CEM quarantine facility for testing and treatment. All mares and stallions, regardless of the owner's future intentions to breed or not, are included in this group. Geldings are not considered breeding horses.

CEM quarantine equineOur meticulous CEM quarantine staff offers the highest quality of individual care to meet the needs of your mare or stallion. We have the knowledge and experience needed to make the importation process smooth for both you and your horse. We offer daily exercise in our European-style walker, on the lunge or under saddle. We can also arrange shipping. 

Quarantine services are provided at our facility located at 11 Winsor Avenue in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Conveniently situated near both the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders.

Please download our CEM quarantine contract.pdf