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Acupuncture & Spinal Manipulation

February 21, 2018

Help your horse shake off the winter cobwebs with a spring tune-up with Dr. Graham, who is certified in both acupuncture and equine veterinary medical manipulation.  Whether getting ready to hit the trails or the first big competition of the season, acupuncture and spinal manipulation can improve performance and help you and your partner achieve your goals for 2018. 

What is veterinary medical manipulation?  It is similar to chiropractic but can only be performed by a licensed veterinarian.  The purpose is to identify and manipulate abnormal/restricted movement of the joints and the surrounding soft tissues of both the spine and the extremities.  The goal is to restore proper movement of affected joints which allows the nervous system and body to function at maximum potential.  If your horse is stiff, stuck, crooked, lacks impulsion, bucks, is spooky, or if you’re just looking to get that extra edge over the competition, consider a complementary medicine session with Dr Graham.